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16 May 2020 @ 03:47 pm

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Yumi (online name). 15. People say I'm too nice.
☆  Takaki Yuya fan ♥ I also love Kishi Yuta and Kobayashi Mizuki.
Fandoms: Hey! Say! JUMP, Johnny's Jr, Sexy Zone

For subs, go to hatenai_subs. And for HSJ (mostly Yuya) translations, go to aiscreamu.
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this turned out quite long so i'm going to post it here!
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Thank you guys for asking for a report ♥
REMINDER: I won't put that much info on every song because I'm kinda in a rush and there just wasn't anything important in those parts (I suck I know) but I'll try to be specific! Um I'll try not to put too much of my personal comments because then I'd just be sounding insane, but let me just say that it was probably my favorite concert ever.
REMINDER2: I'll shortcut their names like this-- A-Aran, K-Kaji, M-Miyachika, N-Nakamura, S-Shizuya

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Traja was committed to showing the audience how good they are at dancing, it's like their weapon. It was really the best way for them to hold a concert. I can't say it enough how perfect they were and that this really brought out all of their personalities. I really can't believe only after being together for a year they were about to get a solo concert plus be so good in dancing, as a traja fan it really is something to be proud about.

Sorry for the long post ;; Hope it wasn't too long for you to give up on reading (PLEASE DON'T)
If you want to know more or have any questions and want to know how everyone looked like feel free to ask~
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